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Amanda Diamonds

Amanda Diamonds is the answer to your desires. You do not want ‘just a diamond’. You desire a lasting reminder to why you are buying that special diamond. Whether that is a treat to yourself or a gift to someone special does not really matter. Important is that the diamond will serve as a positive reminder of the reason for purchasing it.

You do not want to get lost in the labyrinth of the 4 C’s, at first sight a simple classification-system for diamonds, but at second view, a system with a lot of hidden secrets. No, above all, you want that diamond to sparkle like crazy. You want the diamond to surprise you with sudden sparkles. And with every sparkle, you want to be positively reminded of why you got that diamond.

Sparkle as the main driver

That is why Amanda has Sparkle as its main driver. When crafting our diamonds, from the selection of the starting crystal, through planning and cutting, until final quality control, our focus is only on maximizing the Sparkle of the diamond.

With that element of superior Cut-quality covered, we can jointly look at what combination of the three other C’s perfectly fits your budget. Carat-weight is clearly an important factor, but you would be surprised how a slightly lower weight can save on your budget. Color is often expressed as being extremely important, so it is important to understand how the minutest difference in tone can make a huge price-difference. And as for Clarity, it definitely is a factor where big price-differences make no difference to what one can see with the naked eye.

The Amanda Legacy

The history of Amanda Diamonds goes back to 2001, when the Amanda-team started Infinity Diamonds. For years, our team cut diamonds which consumers celebrated for their ultimate sparkle.

Today, we are continuing that commitment as Amanda Diamonds. We are the same team, carrying out the same production-process with the same attention to detail in every step. As a result, each Amanda Diamond comes with the unique sparkle, our team’s work is renowned for.

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