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You deserve to experience Sparkle, every day

Perfectly Cut Diamonds

Perfection does not come by accident. It is the result of meticulously executing every step in the crafting-process, from selection of the starting crystal, through planning and each step of cutting with continued quality-control.

What is more, striving for perfection needs to come with a purpose. With diamonds, just that little bit more of attention unleashes unique Sparkle. Over the years, countless consumers have reported being naturally drawn towards our product, for the unique way it performs.

Why is that important? 

We believe that consumers appreciate that difference. Wearing the diamond, they will experience numerous moments, when the sparkle of their diamond grabs their attention and gives them joy. That sparkle will remind one of many things:

✦ The reason for the purchase of the diamond, a treat to one’s self or an expression of love
✦ The diamond as a miracle of nature, created about a billion years ago
✦ The respect and the love in crafting the diamond with extreme precision
✦ The symbol of love itself.

As a team, we at Amanda Diamonds, stand for that level of perfection in crafting. Because the age-old rough crystal deserves nothing less than the best of our efforts. And because the future wearer of the diamond deserves nothing less than the ultimate Sparkl

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