Handcrafted To Sparkle


Our Crafting Process

People often think that one cutter takes a diamond from its rough shape all the way to the final product. This vision however is incorrect. It takes a team of highly specialized crafts(wo)men each individually a master in their field to cut a diamond. It is comparable to a chef having a fantastic team to create the masterpieces, served in a 3-star-restaurant. Even the famous Flemish painter Rubens created his work with a team.

For Amanda to produce unique sparkle in our diamonds, we do not only need a very strong team. Each member of our team is also fully engrained in the philosophy of Amanda, to produce diamonds with maximum sparkle. Only when each and every team-member works at the top of his talent, with the ultimate goal of Amanda’s sparkle in mind, can we achieve that desired result.

The result is sparkle

The unique sparkle of Amanda Diamonds is not an accident. It is the result of a deliberate effort of striving for excellence in every step of the process. That is why every member in our team is important.

Through our teamwork, we produce what we wish to produce, diamonds with unique and exquisite sparkle. This stands out in every situation and it will give you great joy, wearing our product.

From our hands to yours, from our team to you, we give the passion with which we execute our work and deliver that passion to you in the form of a breathtaking diamond.