Over 20 Years Of Crafting

The history of Amanda Diamonds goes back to 2001, when the Amanda-team started Infinity Diamonds. For years, our team cut diamonds, which consumers celebrated for their ultimate sparkle.

Today, we are continuing that commitment as Amanda Diamonds. We are the same team, carrying out the same production-process with the same attention to detail in every step. As a result, each Amanda Diamond comes with the unique sparkle, our team’s work is renowned for.

The personality of the Amanda-brand

Our product and its sparkle is a result of careful crafting, of us putting love and passion into every step in the process.

Lieve Peeters, Paul Slegers and the entire Amanda-team are committed to giving absolute attention while crafting, starting with crystal-selection, through meticulous planning and each production-step, with relentless quality-control during and after every step. Only after the entire team has given its absolute best will the Amanda diamond sparkle in its unique way. We will thus brand that diamond with a laser-inscription of the brand on the girdle and a unique serial-number, which will be attested for by a signed Message from Amanda.